Words from the Pastor

Gen 18:26-32

Would God sweep away the righteous with the unrighteous?  Abraham was convinced there were righteous people in Sodom.  So he prayed, not only for Lot, but for the entire cities on the basis of God's justice.
Abraham's great character is revealed by his intercession.  He prayed that everyone in the cities - the wicked as well as the righteous - be spared for the sake of the...righteous (v.23).  In this story, we find the prayer of Abraham to God. Abraham pleaded to God to spare the cities, because he felt that there were indeed righteous people living there.  Abraham asked God that if he could find a specific number of righteous people (it started at 50 and went down to 10), would He still destroy the cities?  God told Abraham that He would NOT destroy the cities, IF he could find any that were righteous.
This story tells us about a praying leader.  A leader who is praying for God's people.  Abraham teaches us that we need to pray a prayer of intercession for all people, especially God's people.  The sad part about this story is that there were NONE found righteous in God's sight and God destroyed the cities.  The truths of this story is applicable for today as well.  1.  God is seeking righteous people 2. God will destroy the earth because of the unrighteous people who are disobedient to His Words written in the Bible.