Ministries at New Jerusalem

Outreach Ministries

Food Ministry Leaders:   Sis. Renay Pierson

Women's Ministry

Leader:  First Lady Sheila Frazier

The purpose of the Women’s Ministry at New Jerusalem is to prepare women using godly principles, to be faithful and devoted workers – ready to do the will of God.  

Our Ministry objectives are:

• Reaching women through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ.

• Teaching women using the word of God with simplicity and understanding - modeling Christ’s example 

• Building wholeness and stability, both spiritually and mentally

• Creating an environment for women to develop their spiritual gifts, and talents

• Training women to find their place in ministry

Youth Ministry

Leader:  Sis. Trish Harvey

The goal of the Youth Ministry here at New Jerusalem is to involve the youth in the total life of the church, which includes worship, discipleship (Bible study), ministry (service), evangelism (outreach), and fellowship.  Youth are members of the community of faith.  Youth ministry serves as a mentor to the young and is designed to change and challenge the youth in their daily Christian walk.  The youth ministry will: 

• Respond to the specific needs of the youth.

• Be a support for its young people.

• Offer a context and place in which youth can get together with their peers.

• Offer youth opportunities to explore, question, and grow through various stages in their commitment of faith.

Sunday School Ministry

Superintendent:  Sis. Renay Pierson

The purpose of the Sunday School Ministry is to enlighten, equip, and empower the believers in the body of Christ. The Sunday School Ministry is designed to provide children, youth, and adults with essential tools for building a strong and productive Christian foundation.  New Jerusalem seek to teach, educate, and develop (through sound doctrine) all of our members to a higher level of spiritual growth, understanding, faith, stewardship, and commitment to Jesus Christ.